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Get orders for your restaurant directly from Facebook Messenger. Your customers can order right from your Facebook page. You get orders piling in without any human effort and the two of you get to know each other a bit more!

Tailor made for

truck addas
Home Chefs

Sell directly from facebook

  • Interactive menu on your Facebook page
  • Fits to any business model
  • Custom delivery areas
  • Coupons and deals
  • Serving sizes and up-sells
  • Checkout within app
  • Integrates with Facebook shop
  • Creates a restaurant on Facebook

satisfied clientele

Pizza Crust
Pizza Crust
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We did not know this could be another way to sell to our customers. Thanks to Botnide for opening up another automated channel for our brand
Waheed Foods
Waheed Foods
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Fast and efficient, easier for customers to order on messenger. Made our messenger much better
Mandi Al Khaleej
Mandi Al Khaleej
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Botnide made our communication with our customers so much easier and we don't have to worry about communicating on messenger


What is a chatbot?

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It’s software with a service

A chatbot that can’t advance with your necessities doesn’t make sense!  We have answers to your communication challenges. Botnide gives an automated intelligent  (AI) chatbot coordinated inside a business’s social media page. Since Chatbots are utilized broadly for enterprises along these lines Botnide expects to give a total start to

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Why Your Website Needs an App

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M-Commerce as a New Standard

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Your own official bot with your brand name will be placed on your official Facebook Page where people will be able to message and get queries solved and customers can place order within the messenger.

You will be given a mobile app as well as dashboard where all your orders and analytics will come in real-time and you can accept or reject orders instantly.

Currently, our bot can only be plugged in your Facebook Messenger or Page.

No, our solution is B2B, we provide intelligent plug-in for your automation and order management that makes your business give extra boost.

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