M-Commerce as a New Standard

Your customers visit your e-commerce website to place an order for products or services. Yet, the present world turns out to be very application-driven. So without a mobile commerce application supporting your business, you risk running into a stopping point later on.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce (or m-business) is a typical name for commercial services (with the exception of communication services) utilizing a mobile device, like a phone or a tablet. Being a type of e-commerce, mobile commerce permits users to get to online shopping stages without utilizing a PC.

In the course of recent years, we have been encountering huge development in the e-commerce industry. Be that as it may, with the development of versatile innovations, mobile commerce is taking off.

Though mobile commerce is part of e-commerce, there are a few subtle differences.


Today, you can purchase the necessary goods and services where it is convenient to you. Not any more restricting to a computer or a laptop. Presently you can purchase groceries while in the metro or traffic.


In any case, numerous individuals are hesitant to leave their credit or debit card details on different commercial websites. This little nuance hinders the advancement of the whole e-commerce industry.

All things considered, a versatile business that is mobile commerce has a chance to pay more securely for your purchases.

Notwithstanding the standard security measures, for example, multi-level authentication found in e-commerce, m-trade can likewise offer biometric verification (like fingerprints, face ID, or retina scans).

Furthermore, rather than utilizing cards to make payments, mobile users can pay with their gadgets utilizing versatile mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Users Tracking.

Because of the limitations to computers in e-commerce, it is hard to track users’ behavior – today, the vast majority utilize their smartphones to surf the Internet. Specifically, their location or interests.

Why Mobile Commerce?

Better user experience

Speaking of mobile commerce applications, we can’t resist the opportunity to see that they are considerably more advantageous than mobile websites from similar organizations. Indeed an application designed for a particular stage permits you to use the native functions and elements of this very platform. This makes the application advantageous and intuitive to utilize.

Marketing opportunities

Mobile apps permit you to boost customer engagement. For instance, utilizing an incredible asset as pop-up messages, you could remind your customers to repeat purchases or inform them about sales or new products.

On the off chance that your business has offline stores, you could send your customers a notice when they are walking near your shop or service center. This little motion may support dependability since it shows your care about customers’ requirements.

Various payment solutions

As referenced above, contrasted with eCommerce sites, mobile applications can utilize more sorts of payment strategies other than ordinary credit and charge cards.

Mobile payment solutions include:

  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Android Pay.
  • PayPal One-Touch.
  • Visa Checkout.
  • Amazon Pay.

Trends in mobile commerce app development

  1. Chatbot

Indeed, even now, chatbots are all over the place. Controlled by AI and extraordinarily designed to chat like humans, they lep organizations to speak with their customers. Chatbots could respond to the most successive inquiries, help with shipment details, etc. 

  • AR technologies

Expanded reality technologies have immovably entered our lives. There are numerous advantages of AR for retailers and different organizations. In retail, you could carry out AR into your mobile application to permit clients to take a stab at your items. This isn’t just about clothes. Following the example of Ikea, you may likewise add a capacity to observe how some furniture pieces will glance in the interior. The only obstruction here is your creative mind and imagination.

Nowadays you can track down the entire AR stores, where you’re ready to see the item from various headings and directions, assess its size, and, obviously, give it a shot before purchase.

  • Image search

Discussing every one of these innovations, it would be strange not to mention image search. This likewise an AR-based innovation. Despite the fact that it is anything but a typical element, it very well may be helpful for users in the mobile commerce industry, especially in retail. The essence of this innovation is that the purchaser can undoubtedly track down the required item in your store by utilizing its image.

  • Voice

Voice technologies are a pattern themselves. As indicated by the ThinkWithGoogle stage, even in 2017, 72% of individuals who own a voice-actuated speaker say that their gadgets are frequently utilized as a component of their day-by-day schedule. Furthermore, in 2018, 27% of the global online is utilizing voice search on mobile. So totally overlooking this innovation can prompt issues later on.

To sum up

Almost all modern retail corporations and famous brands already implemented commerce functions in their mobile apps. Now, we can speak with confidence that trend of mobile commerce will constantly rise in the coming years.

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