It’s software with a service

A chatbot that can’t advance with your necessities doesn’t make sense!

 We have answers to your communication challenges.

Botnide gives an automated intelligent  (AI) chatbot coordinated inside a business’s social media page. Since Chatbots are utilized broadly for enterprises along these lines Botnide expects to give a total start to finish answer for explicit ventures which incorporates taking care of customer queries to order taking and online payments inside a business’ social media pages.

At present, Botnide has launched its chatbot for food tech with highlights like order generation, interactive menus, deal control, real-time location-based delivery charges, order tracking, handling customer general queries, online payment, and substantially more.

Botnide! the simplest method to integrate bot in your Facebook Page for a total start to finish Solution.

Botnide gives a mechanized and automated insightful chatbot incorporated inside your brand’s Facebook page and offers types of assistance for brands that need to stand out.

Appreciate having a chatbot deployed at your Facebook messenger that can take your clients’ orders with no human involvement.

Botnide is the most straightforward and easiest developer that gives everybody the force of automated discussions.

 As a startup with worldwide reach, it offers types of assistance to big business level associations and offers them better approaches to in a split second and easily speak with their customers, utilizing chatbot technology.

We believe chatbots shouldn’t be limited. This is why we have come up with an innovative approach.

Chatbots aren’t just a trend that people have been interpreting wrongly. If implemented correctly, chatbots can become a powerful automated channel to help you meet your goals. Our in-house chatbot studio and agency partners help enlighten and deliver client expectations.

Our work varies from the smallest startups to worldwide corporations, across several industries, and at times hand in hand with agencies, to design custom chatbots that meet their brand strategy: Customer Care, Acquisition, Loyalty, Brand Awareness…

We believe chatbots are a new way to tell your story, that every brand has a story to tell, and the easiest way to start sharing it is with a conversation.

All you need is one tool that is BOTNIDE, the features that facilitate customers are:

  • Build Interactive Menu

Add your menu with simple structure data entry. Manage deals and additional items with few ticks.  

  • Automate Customer Orders

Automate order taking from customers with our AI bot that can take requests for your customers for your business so you don’t need to issue a lot.

  • Realtime Status

Real-time status change and order tracking.

  • Analytics

Discover trends, patterns, and customer needs your most broadly famous things, and substantially more where we continue to add diverse analysis angles.

  • Deal Control

Botnide helps customers to make the best decision to place orders by introducing new deals.

  • Feed back/Complaint processing

Great customer support through feedbacks and complaint processes will get more of life for your business in the long run. Replying to customers’ queries instantly can help impulsive buyers to take decisions quickly.

  • Discounts:

Botnide offers discounts to draw people quickly towards customers.

Anytime you tell a customer that he can save money, you’re likely to get his attention. 

  • Reviews:

Botnide uses the game of reviews through which customers will get to know about the product he or she is willing to order.

  • Online Payment:

For the ease of customers, online payment is available to avoid any hassle.

  • General inquiries:

Botnide replies to individuals’ general FAQs and general inquiries.

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