What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is software that can talk with people through a live chat interface. That can occur on a brand’s website or application, or through platforms like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Alexa.

Big brands like Starbucks and National Geographic are now utilizing chatbots to facilitate sales and discover data.

Simple chatbots scan the keywords in a customer’s request and inquiry to convey pre-bundled answers, while more modern chatbots controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can utilize natural language preparing and processing to create reactions, responses, and more intricate discussions.

AI chatbots are more adaptable when the human speaking them doesn’t give the specific message they’re customized and programmed to get. Instead, they actively learn from the conversations they have to help customers reach their goals.

AI-powered chatbots are commonly better coordinated with the CMS and CRM stages that support a brand’s online presence, permitting them to take advantage of client data and give customized encounters.

Here’s the way an AI-fueled chatbot may contrast from a chatbot programmed to offer specific responses to specific inquiries:

User: Hey, what time is your store open in California today?

Simple chatbot: Hi! We’re open until 9 pm today.

AI Chatbot: Hi Samson! We’re open until 8 pm today. It’s snowing in California, so dress warm!

How a chatbot enhances customer experiences

While the advantages for the company that uses chatbots include reducing costs (your live chat support staff bill will be much lower),  the real winner will be your customers. Here are how a chatbot improves customer experiences.

Here are the eight different ways a chatbot can improve your customer experience. 

1. Seamless live chat

Customers can engage with a chatbot similarly they would in an online discussion in an online conversation with live customer support employees, so the expectation to absorb information for customers to engage with chatbots is for all intents and practically nonexistent. Since numerous chatbots use natural language processing methods, they can analyze the customer’s question and convey a reaction that addresses the customer’s issues.

Most chatbots can also be seamlessly integrated into the organization’s website or cell phone applications, which saves the customer time and inconvenience of searching the company’s online assets and resources for the appropriate responses they need. Or on the other hand, customers can converse with your brand at any time without leaving their number one informing applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

2. 24/7 customer service

Your live chat support staff need rest — yet your chatbot doesn’t.

customers’ requirements frequently emerge outside of business hours, so they need a route search out responses to vital inquiries on occasion when customers administration staff individuals are inaccessible. Chatbots offer customers the chance to find solutions to their inquiries whenever, so they don’t need to hang tight for a reaction from a voice message or email message. The best chatbots can likewise offer the customer the feeling of talking with a live operator at any time.

3. Endless queries, zero chance of sass

Although some chatbots are intended to design human knowledge, different frameworks have been created around allowing computers to do the things that they were worked to do: handle dull repetitive tasks, such as calculations or database searches.

David Cancel, CEO of chatbot development firm Drift,wrote that the goal of a chatbot should not be to create a perfect simulation of a human conversation but to satisfy the customer’s needs.

“A brand shouldn’t try to build a human-like chatbot,” Cancel told us, “a great chatbot should be able to take actions that maximize their chances of success toward achieving particular goals.”

David Cancel, CEO of chatbot development firm Drift

Also, if a customer’s objective ends up including requesting to have their secret phrase rest for the fourth time in a week — your chatbot wouldn’t mind!

4. A smoother journey

To facilitate the buying interaction for the customer, your chatbot can spring upon any item page to offer additional information, video content, or even a discount code.

Chatbots can likewise assist customers with the process of gathering information, for example, the thing they wish to buy, the method they need to use for buying the thing, and how they want it to be shipped. Who knows, possibly those dreaded shopping cart surrender rates will at long last drop, too. 

5. Goodbye, IVR

Probably the biggest complaint that customers have about the customer service process is the utilization of interactive voice response (IVR) frameworks during calls to customer support. This system asks the customers inquiries and courses the customers call dependent on their voice responses. IVR frameworks are exceptionally organized, directing the customers through every reaction until it reaches the pre-programmed destination.

A chatbot, then again, can be utilized likewise, yet with less IVR-induced dissatisfaction.

 The customer feels like their voice is being heard and perceived, while the chatbot can attempt to lead them towards either an answer dependent on previous situations or to a human representative.

6. Personify your brand

The adaptability of chatbots permits them the opportunity to draw in with customers on different levels. They can go about as the customer’s essential primary asset for technical support, account management, or sales information. 

Chatbots can likewise be customized and programmed with various kinds of conversational styles, from exact and specialized to agreeable and supportive to snarky and humorous. The different kinds of “characters” and “personalities” accessible with chatbots will keep customers returning and reconnecting with the brand.

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