Core Features of Botnide

Botnide is helping businesses to generate orders and resolves customer queries within Facebook Messenger without any human dependency.  

Our Team has developed this product with constant feedback from business owners and social media marketers. And Botnide provides a complete customer journey that includes product showcase, easy checkout, order tracking & much more.

Following are the core features provided by Botnide to businesses:

  • E-store inside messenger
  • Product showcase
  • Product search
  • Discounts & Promo Code
  • Abundant cart
  • Customer Query Resolution using AI
  • Delivery settings
  • Customers Analytics
  • Store policies

Let’s have a brief introduction about each feature listed above:

E-store inside messenger

Botnide provides a new sales channel to businesses by converting their Facebook Messenger into an e-store that lets customers place orders inside the messenger and resolves customer queries instantly instead of waiting for a support reply.

Product showcase

Using Botnide, businesses can showcase their product within the messenger. Product showcase includes product images, details, prices, discounts, stock availability, variations, and related products. Products are shown category wise and customers can filter products by prices, categories, availability, etc. Businesses can showcase both simple and variant products using Botnide.

Product search

One of the exciting features of Botnide is product search. Customers can search for products within the messenger and if products are available in business inventory they are shown to customers. Currently, businesses send product images, descriptions, and prices manually, when customers ask for a certain product. 

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Discounts & Promo Code

Businesses can also manage discounts on their products, They can also add date & time limitations for discounts. With that businesses can also add and manage promo codes, that can be used by customers during the checkout process. This feature helps businesses to attract more customers and increase their sales.

Abundant cart

This feature helps businesses convert window shoppers into buying customers. Let’s suppose a customer visits a business’s Facebook messenger where Botnide is used and after adding some products to the cart, they leave without checkout. In this case, if the business has allowed abundant cart feature in Botnide store. Botnide will send a message to the customer after 10 to 15 min with a promo code so they are attracted to finish their cart process and the order is generated for the business. This message is through Facebook Messenger. An example of this message is

 “It seems you have added some product in your cart, checkout now and get 10% OFF.”

Customer Query Resolution using AI

Botnide uses AI & ML to resolve customer queries. Currently, our product can resolve up to 75% of the quires generated by customers. And if in any case botnide is unable to answer that we show “Talk to Human” button. Once this option is selected by the customer, businesses are required to answer the customer manually. Our team is constantly training the model using ML to increase our chatbot strength for customer query resolution.

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Delivery settings

Businesses can add their delivery setting based on customer region and their bucket size. Botnide enables businesses to add multiple delivery settings according to their requirement. Botnide includes common delivery settings i.e ‘Flate Rate’ & ‘Free Shipping’ that can be used by business owners. Once the customer selects their delivery location on the checkout screen delivery charges are applied according to the delivery setting added by the store. 

Customers Analytics

Botnide complete customer analytics which includes customer journey, product view, no of orders, total revenue generated, etc. These insights help businesses to plan their marketing campaign and promote the products that are more in demand.

Store policies

Businesses can add their store policies for customers, Botnide provides three types of policies i.e “Shipping Policy”“Refund & Exchange Policy” “Terms & Conditions”. Businesses can easily add their policies under these options and they can also hide certain option that does not apply to their business.


Botnide is packed with a complete set of features that helps businesses to generate orders through Facebook Messenger. It takes around 25 sec to plug Botnide into your Facebook Page and start selling through your messenger. We have a complete onboarding tutorial that helps you to set up your store with Botnide without any delays. So what are you thinking about get started for FREE NOW! Using Botnide businesses are not required to the complexity of developing websites, hosting, or even creating a decision tree chatbot. 

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